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Walton Wedding

Mr E.A.Pidgeon And Miss M.D.Golds

St.Peter`s Church, Walton-on-Hill, was unable to accommodate all those who were eager
to witness the marriage on Wednesday afternoon of Miss Marion Doris Golds and Mr
Ernest Angus Pidgeon. It was not surprising that the happy event should attract so much
attention, for the parents of both parties are well known and extremely popular in
Walton and the surrounding district.
Miss Golds is the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs J Golds, who have carried on a
flourishing business in the centre of the village for seven years, while the bridegroom is
the eldest son of Mr and Mrs E.Pidgeon, of “Cavaick” Kingswood Road, Tadworth and
formerly of Walton-on-the Hill. Mr Pidgeon is best known in the district for the
enthusiastic part he takes in all its sporting activities, and his work for the local and
national charitable objects.
A guard of honour was formal for the bride at the entrance to the Church by her fellow
officers and members of the Burgh Heath and District Guiders. The bride was
accompanied by her father, who gave her away. She wore a dress of ivorymoracain,
trimmed with lace and embroidered with pearls, net veil and orange blossom, and carried
a sheaf of lilies. The bridesmaids were Mabel Golds, sister of the bride, Margaret
Swanson, cousin of the bride, Joan and Molly Beattie and Betty Aylesbury, cousins of
the bridegroom. Marjorie Smith and Hilda West, friends. The four grown-up bridesmaids
were dressed in daffodil georgette, and wore Spanish shawls, the gift of the
bridegroom. Their shower bouquets were composed of tulips and Parma violets. The child
bridesmaids were attired in Parma violet silk and cream net, and carried silver baskets
of violets.
The Rector, the Rev. Granville W Borlase, officiated, and Mr. L.A. Dearle (organ) and Mr.
Goldsmith (violin) beautifully rendered appropriate music, including the Bridal March
(Lohengrin), Dvorak’s “Humoresque” and the “wedding March” (Mendelssohn). The hymns
were, “Lead us heavenly Father, lead us” and “O Strength and Stay”.
The best man was Mr. Donald Pidgeon, who sails on Wednesday for America.
The Drill Hall was prettily decorated with balloons and streamers for the reception,
which was attended by about seventy guests. The tables were decorated with mauve
tulips and daffodils. Mr. F.Aylesbury proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom,
and Mr.Thornton Golds gave “The Bridesmaids,” on whose behalf Mr. Donald Pidgeon
suitably replied.
In the evening a dance was held, to which over two hundred friends were invited. Mr.
Goldsmith’s orchestra was in attendance.
Later, the happy couple left for their honeymoon, the bride travelling in a cocoa
moracain dress and cocoa velour and skunk trimmed coat with Parma hat.
Over 140 presents, many of them very costly, were received, including the following: -

Mr. And Mrs. Blackshear and family, Lloyd loom linen basket; Miss Grote and Miss
Railton, linen cloth; Mr. And Mrs. Hopper, silver teaspoons; Mrs Sims and Don, tea
knives; Mr. and Mrs. J Beattie, fish knives and forks; Miss Weatherall, pastry forks;
Jack and Ethel, cheese knives; Mr.and Mrs. Steed, tea knives; Mr.and Mrs.Almond,
leather blotter; Dorothy, Muriel and Eric, fish knives and forks; Mr.and Mrs.Hatton,
table cloth;Ivy, pillow cases; Mr. and Mrs.Sitwell, linen; Mr.and Mrs. Larkin, sachet;
Betty, brass fern pot; Mollie, brass paper weight; Joan, brass toasting fork; Mrs.
Barratt, bread fork;Mr.and Mrs.P.Revill, teaspoons; Ron and Mina, bread board and knife;
Ada, Jeff and Jack, marmalade jar: Mr. and Mrs.Aveston, cruet; Mr.and Mrs. Titmuss
and family, silver cake basket;Mr.andMrs.Prince, photo frames; Glad, Sally and babe,
wine glasses; 1st Tadworth and \district Rangers, cushion; 1st Tadworth and District
Guides, pewter cruet set.
Mr.andMrs.James Braid, dinner service; Mrs.Parsons, jelly dish; Mrs.Skilton, Elsie and
Billy, floating flower bowl; Mrs.Killick and Bessie, glass jug, Mrs.Marsh and daughters,
floating flower bowl; Mr.and Mrs.Franklin, salad bowl and servers; Mr.and Mrs.Aylett,
fruit set; Mr.and Mrs.Fred Smith and family, Jessie and John, two pouffies; Mabel and
Walter, Lloyd loom chair; Don and Hilda, silver tea set and oak tray; Mr and Mrs Jorgg,
two Pyrex dishes; Leslie and Peg, salad bowl and servers; Mrs and Mrs Savage , carpet
sweeper ; Mrs Gunner , fruit set ; Mr and Mrs Yeatman, cake stands ; Misses Webb,
flower bowl; Mr.and Mrs.Ross and girls, set of jugs;Mr.and Mrs.Keeble and
family,cut-glass jug;Mr.andMrs.B Warner, vases;Mr.and Mrs.S Warner, fern pot;
Mrs.Wright and family, biscuit barrel;Mrs Hall,Girlie and Bun, set of jugs; Mr.and
Mrs.Davies, sandwich set; Kath and Ted, brass jug; Mrs.James and Mr. Butcher, biscuit
barrel;Mrs.Kingham and Mr.Annis, barometer; Mr.and Mrs.D.Pidgeon and family,
cut-glass biscuit barrel.
1st Tadworth Brownies, plate, glasses, basin, jug and jam spoon; Irene, tray cloth;
Women’s Institute, clock; Mr.and Mrs.F.Sims, butter dish; Evelyn, ash trays; Mr.and Mrs.
Carter, dessert spoons; Baby Thornton, photo and frame; Missis Golds, tea set and
spoons; Mr.and Mrs.Thornton Golds, eiderdown; Mr.and Mrs. Pratt, cruet; Mr.and Mrs.
Lewis, jelly dishes; Lily, vases; Maud and Dora, pickle jar and fork; Nettie and Nigel, jam
dish; Mrs.potter, Mill and Violet, bulb bowl; Arthur and Eileen, jam dish; Mr.and
Mrs.Gerlette, ebony clock; Mr and Mrs.Ridgway, jug and pony glasses; Mr.and
Mrs.Rose.lemonade set; Mr.and Mrs. Holland, salad bowl and servers; Mr.and Mrs.Smith,
jam dish; Mr.and Mrs. G.Beattie, silver tea set; Dolly and Charlie, flower bowl; Mr and
Mrs. Reddiford and Vera, cut rose bowl; Tom, Doris and Elsie, butter dish; Tom, vases;
Mrs.T.Beattie, linen lunch set; Mrs T Nash and Nora, brass fern pot; Mrs Shaw, oxidised
coal box; Mr. and Mrs.H.Braid, glass dishes.
Mr.and Mrs.W.Smith and family, cut-glass cruet; Marjorie and Owen, cut-glass salad
bowl; Mr.and Mrs.B.Robinson, carver rest; Mr.and Mrs.Sidwell, cut-glass biscuit barrel;
Mr.and Mrs.Hankin, r.oak book rest and oak chest; Mr.and Mrs.Tullet, Edie and Fred,
carvers; George and Jean, carvers and rests; Mr.and Mrs. Duke, photo frame and jam
spoon; Mr.and Mrs.Grimmett and family, biscuit barrel. Miss D. Thompson, table knives;
Mr.and Mrs. H.Austin, cushion; Mr and Mrs.G.Hyam, fish knives, forks and servers
Mr.and Mrs.Fry, oak candle sticks.
Cheques were received from the following; - Mr.and Mrs. J.Golds, Mr.and Mrs. E.
Pidgeon, Mr.and Mrs. Aylesbury, Mr.and Mrs.H.Golds, Mr.and Mrs. L.Golds, Mr.and Mrs.
Swanson and family, Mr.and Mrs. Hyam

My Grandmothers Wedding
Walton on the Hill

March 1928

The following is a transcription of my grandma and granddad’s wedding from the local
paper My wife Janet has transcribed it.
There are lots of local names as well as family names.

Doris and Angus c.1930`s


Doris with her Granddaughter 1979